Thursday, April 9, 2009


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Summer fever

I am anxiously waiting for summer. I love summer. I use to hate it, but now im learning to appreciate breaks. They're amazing. I have been such a slacker in school this whole year. I think i needed to get slapped in the face to finally wake up to reality...but school is over in one month. I am so excited. I cant wait to travel this summer, figure out what im doing for next fall, hang out with family and friends! See my youth group and eat lots of food, PLUS the weather should be pretty bright by then...idk why it snowed this past week but it really made me sad...I cant wait until next just craving the week to be over...technically it is. I only have one more exam to take tomorrow then im headed off to troy for Easter weekend. then back to school the following monday..but hey...being home is good. FOR A SHORT TIME. i dont think i could last longer than a weekend at home. its crowded...i like my space...haha and when im home...i dont really get much of it...Anyways, im off to do some things...=)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ehhh theres next year

So MSU lost in the championship game, but its all good. They made it pretty far so im proud of the Mens basketball team. I have two exams this week, so its study mode time...after this week is over, things should be pretty goood!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


MICHIGAN STATE IS GOING TO THE SHIP. WOOOOTY! haha go greeeen...this is where i say im proud to be a spartan...for now atleast :P...came at a good year, dont you think? hahaha

Friday, April 3, 2009


i got a surprise in the mail yesterday =)

yay gerber daisies =) they smell so good next to my desk and it just brightens up my room...haha or so to speak...
I've been playing Tetris non-stop and i still cant beat higher than like 30, only up to 22,000 something...we'll see how far i far the intern process of KCF is fun. I like the study with pastor Eric. I also like how we basically have like ONE MONTH left until school ends...ahh very exciting =)...i just want to get outta here and start the summa daysss!! woop woop....
cant wait

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I guess, second best is all i know....

SOOOOOOO im in the process of making another big decision in my life...I'm not worrying about it too much so that God can take care of it yesterday was a CRAZYYYYY day craziness...haha Shaw hall (the one i live in) had a virus that was going around..called...i forgot, but something big. It's a stomach distress virus that basically makes you throw up and poop a there were about 30-40 students that were rushed to the so glad i didnt get it because apparently its roommates boyfriend had it so i was a bit paranoid to be around her...but she said she feels fine...hehe =) ne ways...time to go work on some things...

Monday, March 30, 2009


there are so many things brewing up in my head...sort of excited for things to come! woowoo!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

study break

Okay i've been on and off studying for about 3 hours now...really on and off...i have yet to absorb any information into my brain yet, but i thought starting off i would just make the note cards...My head hurts...My eyes are puffy from lack of sleep and other external/internal factors. I feel a little miserable, confused, and tired. I dont want to do any work today, i just want to go sleep in my bed for awhile..try to so soak more information up later. i am the epitome of a lazy student. I get nothing done. I have lost focused. I've been taking things for granted. How much more will i be able to handle before i really flip my lid. ugh. atleast i get to eat some chocolate tomorrow. cant wait!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

i want nothing to do with you. ever.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

i miss you

My spring break this year was the best. I did everything i wanted to do (well not everything) haha but mostly everything i wanted to do with Stephen when he came to visit Troy. He got to meet the important influences in my life and my family and spend time with me at my home church. It was so much fun. It was a time period of cherishing moments and uncontrollable laughter. Im going to miss spring break. I wonder what is going to top this. Starting tomorrow its back to school mode again. Gosh sometimes i wonder if break is good at all...i mean i love the vacations and the time spent doing nothing...but its so hard to go back because my focus is so out of sync. Anyways, im sleepy...i only got like 6 hours of shut eye so im going to go lay down =D hehe bye!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

8 hours?

apparently the new mac book pros can be charged up to 8 hours for thats a freaking long time.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ive let myself go...

this past week, i did no exercise...well since saturday that is..but i feel like a big pile. Midterms are driving me so sleepy but im taking a break because...i do that..haha two more days technically onemore day until spring break. Gotta get through these next three exams and things will be week of week of just being in bliss...i can do it..i can do it!

Monday, March 2, 2009


so for my universe class...we had an exam about the constellations today. Im really mad at myself for not memorizing them point blank. i always prepare my materials a week before the exam...but i never really review then until the day before the exam..or hours before.what is wrong with me!? Dont i want good grades?! i really do...but why is it that i find my mind wandering somewhere else and focus on something else? Its really annoying and i hate it. I really want to do better in my classes but i feel like school is just not for me...haha well the work thats my true laziness talking...but seriously...what i want to do in my life i dont need to memorize the constellations. I want to travel and i want to do something real with my life with real people, not the people in my bubble. I wish i could do that. I AM SO SCARED about my future. i really am horrified about what is going to happen to me...=(

Sunday, March 1, 2009


after hours of youtubing tonight...haha yes...i guess this is how i spend my nights..ordering jimmy johns, watching youtube videos and skyping with friends or boy. HA but ne ways...i was looking into it and you know what. I LOVE yo-yo ma. HES SO AWESOME. i really want to meet him one day. Honestly i feel like his career in music is mind-blowing. Someone showed me a video of him holding his cello in between his legs. He doesnt use an end pin! He's so smart and talented (from what i can see). ahh and his credentials are phenomenal...PLUS...he was on ARTHUR. i mean...thats the real deal..dont you think?! i aspire to be like yoyo..hes the bomb =Dhahaa

I have been procrastinating so frequently. I feel like i get no work done. My mind is not in "school" mode anymore..which is totally HORRIBLE. I want to atleast finish with decent grades for my midterms. Im sort of mad at myself since i havent received a 4.0 on an exam yet. which BLOWS. The thing is i think i just have really bad study habits. Im not sure how to prioritize my time more wisely. For real. LIke ill sleep in on the weekend then just sit at my! i dont know why!...i dont even do anything...ill even skip eating because i feel like its a waste of then i get hungry later...and end up ordering food...hahahah i really need to kick that before it becomes a habit. No more ordering in for realz. I cant wait to go back to troy. I feel like i havent been around in so long and it makes me sad. I want to go to church...i miss it. I actually skipped today because my phones being a piece...and it keeps shutting off at random then my alarm ends up not going off which is annoying. I have to start looking into internships this summer..and figure out my life. I'm really clueless as to what i want to go into. I hate it. I hate having no direction or clue as to how im going to support myself. I dont want to depend on my parents any longer. I want to get a real job and make real money. Be independent. BLAHH i really hope i can do that...

Saturday, February 28, 2009

oh my...

you know i never thought the day would come where i would get along with my parents for more than a month. Well maybe its the fact that i've tried to be more patient with them and try to understand their struggles. I really want to help them out more instead of just running up their credit card bill. For lent i gave up good things to help my health and my spending habits! haha =D so yay for me...oh the other hand...i want so much stuff. I feel like i have an obsession with buying things. i dont know if im trying to compensate for something else in my life...but literally there is so much that attracts my eye. Its become crazyness...during one month i think i spent over 400 dollars on just ...stuff. For me...others...but i think mostly for me. AND FOOD. i spend money on food? like there wasnt enough food in Shaw already. haha but in any just happy to have given up online shopping. I'm so excited for spring break. All my plans have come together and ill be able to spend it with my family and the one i love...and church...and just...everything =D HOORAY!

Friday, February 27, 2009


what i have learned:

its not worth it to get caught for underage drinking. Its definitely not worth it to put your parents through stress over something this stupid and careless....its definitely not worth it to drop hundreds of dollars..and take classes/random testings.


hooray..but its over
now next week...exams/quizzes....then
SPRING BREAK BABY. cant wait to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday

its fat tuesday..and boy is it FAT. i ate so muchhh dessert today already. and its only 1pm! hha...but starting midnight i am no longer going to eat any chocolate of any kind. yepp thats right. NO CHOCOLATE/candy or dessert. i did it before..and ill do it again. My motivation: God. anytime i feel tempted or weak in the knees for going to stand my ground and sacrifice it up to Jesus.

Monday, February 23, 2009

spring break for MSU starts March 6th =D

Okay so the weekend was AHHHmazing..of course =) i ate so much good will be able to view all the delectable deliciousness of my weekend via facebook...but let me tell you one thing thats for sure. i love food. i love eating the food, looking at the food, and taking pictures of what i eat. too funny..something that goes away so quickly is so pricey...i spend so much of my money on food. seriously..if only you didnt need to eat or sleep you would get so much done in a day!
Anyways i finished purpose driven life. I recommend it. i loved it. This wednesday is Ash Wednesday. I'm planning to give something up for lent...but im not sure what its going to be yet. I think it should be candy...since i basically eat it everyday. I need to find the will power to make myself say NO! haha =D but ne ways....ill update more later..but i cant wait until spring break. SERIOUSLY. i need to get through these horrid midterms first. AHHH

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


omg i go home today
and my exam is over
and my next class will be only 50 minutes
and and and
im sleepy. cant wait to take my nap...bahh =)

Monday, February 16, 2009

3 more days.

3 is a magical know whats better than 3?...2....and you know whats better than 2? 1....and you know whats wayyy better than 1?...0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha i just need to get through
the rest of this day
studying for my adv exam on weds
go to class tuesday...
study for my dress..construct my dress
go to the post office and send back this other dress to china...(yeah dont ask)
THENNNNN..yes then....take my exam...go to 2 more things..pack..and on my way back home =)
i miss my mom and my dad..and kinda my brother haha jk jk...but yeah...i miss my family
i've been craving korean food all week...ahh!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I am so thankful.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Valentines day.
I dont know what i expected from it, but for all you singles out there ill join the band wagon of hating on valentines day not my valentine. I guess i wanted things to be perfect that one flaw just ruined the whole thing. I cant help it. I love things going my way and obviously this definitely didnt go my way. Plus my dress doesnt fit which def shot my self-esteem down. 160 dollars down the drain. Hopefully ill be able to return it. im sleepy. i want sleep. lets see if i can nap all day. i dont want to be awake for this midnight then ill realize its a brand new day.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


one more week. One more week. ONE MORE WEEK AHHH CANT YOU GO ANY FASTER?!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Let me just start off by saying that i really dont like my ISS class. One: its boring. Two: its boring. Three: My professor is so monotone and barely catches anyones attention. Four: My professor is so unorganized and does things on his own will...but hey...i guess thats why he became a professor..he must've hated the ones he had in college. How he still works here at his age is beyond me. Today i watched Sex and the City movie for the millionth time and i LOVE it. i really do. I think i just like all the glamour of it but haha my life is not headed down a glamorous road. I believe that i am destined to live a humble life, only because that is what God calls all his servants to do. The other night in small groups i found something out about myself and you know, i am actually happy to hear first impressions i give off to people, even if they arent always a 100% positive. But in any really starting to like small groups =D yayay!

i found a perfect dress on ebay for an amazing price...for a Betsey Johnson cocktail dress. I absolutely love it, the thing is i bought it through paypal and not through ebay so im really hoping the seller isnt going to rip me off and not ship it to me. UGHHHHH jane...jane..jane...if you paid 50 more dollars for the dress than you wouldve had a FOR SURE safe transaction..stupid me...but hopefully God will convict that seller and actually make an honest person out of her. Alright time to go to class again...

OHHH and I received WONDERFUL mail today from my one and only =D

Arent they adorable? im wearing them right now =D they're cute and dainty ..perfect for my ear lobes<3

Also my handmade panda BEANIE =D hahaha it screams FOB. but its okay i love it..its absolutely darling. Thank you S. youre awesome =D

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


gorgeous day outside. Finally michigan, i am pleased with your weather =D

Monday, February 9, 2009


I still really care.

Friday, February 6, 2009


So this week felt like Finals week for me. Three exams within four days. =( BUT its all good because i got through them....thats all that matters...haha But it has come to my attention that Blogger is like xanga. I dont want to disagree because i hate xanga now..but it is pretty much the same concept. haha..but no matter what i'm going to keep on blogging..(well ithink so)...
So i'm back on facebook. It was a week without it and you know what...i really did get a lot done! haha being disconnected to the world was a good break. Yeah i might have cheated a little bit and checked it a couple times..but not being on it constantly gave me some more time to focus on the important things. Like school work. I'm going to keep up with this trend and eventually maybe facebook will fade out for real...I miss Stephen. AH yes long distance is hard but whatever...just keep on trucking..haha..One more week until Valentines day =D yay!...and i think i have an exam sometime next i better get studying on that too...alright well i have class in 30 minutes and i dont have much to say so...update later?

Sunday, February 1, 2009


3 exams this week...i think im losing my mind!


Saturday, January 31, 2009

clock strikes 11:02

Since i've been at school this has been the latest i've woken up. I woke up around 10:40 but man was i sleepy. I had some funky dream to but i cant really remember exactly what happened but i was a cheerleader and this other girl who was a cheerleader was really mean to me and i tried to park my bike somewhere closer to the school and then this girl yelled at me and told me to get out of her bike spot..idk it was stupid...then i went to church and it was spring but the kids were putting on a christmas show and it wasnt that they were performing the actual show..they were was wacked out. Anyways i have a lot of studying to do today so im going to get on that as soon as the lady who cleans the bathroom is done so i can go use it and wash up. AH i dont like sleeping more than 8 hours. I get a headache when i wake up..sigh oh of my roommates went home because she was really the other one is sick and shes coughing up a storm. AH and she goes everywhere in the room...actually never leaves the my room is an incubator full of germs. lysol anyone?

Friday, January 30, 2009

I am so impatient.

You know i always thought i was considered "patient" but recently i've noticed that i am quite the opposite when it comes to what I want and what I need...emphasizing the "I" in this...seriously...because when i order things online..i always check my e-mail every couple minutes to see if the status of the delivery has changed...or when i want a certain day to come..i focus only on that day and i disregard everything else (which is very bad)...but i decided this year i want to change that. I want to polish the better things about myself and work on the things that suck. For starters i think i have a good drive...but i lack in focus. I need great amounts of motivation or incentives in order for me to put my whole heart into something otherwise im so quick to quitting. I WANT TO PERSEVERE!!!!!....
Already i had two bad quiz scores..and the others were just average...i want to be above and beyond average. I am going to be a junior next year and by that time i want something amazing to happen or a great opportunity to peak up but in order to do that i need to get my priorities straight. I decided to boot myself off facebook so i can focus more on the important things and not shed anymore precious minutes on narcissism (well on there at least) and the unedifying features about the site as a whole. I believe facebook is one of the biggest argument starters and negativity builders. I'm going to see how my study habits are now that im off of it and how much more ill be focused on the important school and God. I also want to make a period of time where i can fellowship with other people and spend more quality times with my friends and future roommate (that way ill speak up when i want next year if there are problems)...

There are a lot of things to look forward to...but it just seems so far away from now..sigh..

Well ill be updating more on here just so you guys know im alive since i will not be using my stupid facebook for will be hard..haha but if you do need to contact me...give me a shout via e-mail

i check it all the time =D so wooty!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I love Mail!!!

wooo woo so i got a package in the mail today from my girl christina!!! weee =D and inside was enclosed a late christmas card..and a SOCK MONKEY! i've always wanted one and idk it was fate that i never bought one cause she got it for me as a yay =)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lateeee post

Hello people in the blogger world!
OKAY, so i know i havent updated in awhile..and my apologies for that...(for those of you who've missed me)..i guess its because not much has been going on lately...As you know classes have started up again and i went to KCF retreat..which was a lot of fun and i recommend for all state kcf members to attend once before the 4 years is up because its a great way to make bonding friendships which i really didnt expect. The other night i was rushed out of my room to catch Nick and Noras infinite playlist play at wells for free. IT WAS GOOD. i really liked it. It was corny and funny and Michael Cera is super cute and it was shot in NEW YORK. SO DUH I WOULD LOVE IT....oh the memories brought back..haha =)

So...yesterday in class for my com 225 interpersonal relationships class..there was a brief mention about facebook and how it basically owns OUR LIVES...(well via internet/facebook) is copyrighted that anything we put on there is archived so even the "privacy" is not privacy at is the e-mail sent to us after our lecture from our profs..

but basically anything put on there is now legally owned by facebook..your pictures, messages, wall posts, EVERYTHING. make sure you think twice before putting something up..because you never know...fb just might sell your stuff...hahaha

I have been missing missions everyday this week...i miss the weather..the fuzzy feeling..the warm encounters with God and the amazing moments in fellowship...i wish summer would get here soon...
I had my first quiz in advertising this morning and i bombed i think. and for a true and false question..there was something about "T or F...55% of women take up the role in Public relations"..I KNEW IT WAS FALSE BECAUSE THE ANSWER WAS 70%...BUT I WROTE TRUE...because i second guessed..ahhh i should have went with my gut knowledge about this...ahhh

So i've been on the Kevin ( a friend up at state who eats healthy and works out ) diet...and its been working out okay haha because the foods actually pretty good...but there are days where i cheat today..i went to sushi with stan and Christine

Spicy Tuna from Omi...YUM YUM

So somebody posted a picture of a dog...THAT LOOKS LIKE A PANDA... possibly the best and closest thing im going to get to a real panda...but she told me that they keep breeding them until they look like this and im sure there are chemicals involved..which makes it sort of sad..and makes me cringe...BUT they are adorable..and i for sure want one =D hehe

Lately i've been spending money left and right...AH i need to stop.. ONE OF THE BIGGEST DOWNFALLS of living at a dorm...i want mail..therefore i buy things so i receive pathetic i know...but i've learned so much about online shopping this year..haha but i decided that im going to put away my credit card for the rest of this month and half of next month...just so i can learn how to save..because honestly its been getting quite out of hand...AHHH
okay so i think that was a well worth update..hope all is well and ill update soon enough!



fuji to canon....can we say UPGRADE?!

A BIG THANK YOU know who =D
omg...a;lsjd;foa8;pwejf;aljksdf;lkdj I LOVE IT.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

KCF retreat

i went in with no expectations and came out with more than enough blessings. I really enjoyed the company of those who i would have never really initially talked to. Overall the trip was well received, besides the fact that my camera! :( omg. I left it out in the snow for 9 hours and it wont turn on without the charger cord in it...=( sad day. But ne ways...pretty tired so im gonna go do some reading...ill update more later!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back to East Lansing

"it is your responsibility to learn how to love as God does, because God is love. It honors him."

So these past three days i've been having a rough time readjusting to school mode. I had mini break downs yesterday and the day before...more than going into detail as to why i was so going to say this. Thank you God. I just keep telling myself to praise him for whatever situation he puts me in. Even when in result i say i hate myself. Which sometimes i really do...i guess more and more i dont like myself but as the days progress i keep telling saying i dnt like saying i dont like God. My classes are going okay so far...its a pretty full schedule..but my tuesday/thursday/fridays are good. I only have one class on each of those days. Mondays are the worst! ACK!!!! BUTTTTTTTTTT over break i did give my phone a makeover! :)

Goodbye hearts...hello stars!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Break coming to a close

This time last year in 2007-2008 i was just figuring out what i wanted to do in the summer and what i wanted to do for the next semester. This time last year my focus was a little more hazy, but not going to be super focused when i get back to school. But heres a recap of my break when i wasnt sleeping and being lazy =)

The first official gathering with my friends =) christmas party

Christmas party at my place in 2007

The "tri" meetings =)...from this year

last year...

This past break =)

Last years dinner for Haneen...also a goodbye before she headed off to school

New years eve this year....on the train alone..haha

New years eve last year.....bahhh

So year 2008 you were good to me. I finished my first year as a college student..and renewed my faith this past summer. I wonder what the year of 2009 is to bring me. I am going through some things and i was hoping that my readers could uplift a prayer for me...i know i've changed a hoping to change even more...i can see that last winter break i didnt make the best choices...and even more...i can still see that im not making all the right choices...but im hoping that i will continue to grow in faith and just move forward for a brighter future =)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sailor Moon

I have been on a Sailor Moon rampage this past week. I absolutely love watching it. haha its hilarious and i never realized how lazy serena is. All she wants to do is eat and sleep. sounds like me =D....This past break has been glorious. A lot of fun and relaxing. I'm sort of sad to go off to school only because ill be leaving the comforts of my home behind. Sometime this month my family is moving. Not to another house to an apartment. Actually when i say family i mean mother and father. Except my dad will be going back and forth to Korea, as well as my mom i think. So i guess this is a repeat of my senior year. Dad runs off to business, mother stuck and brother away at school...thats probably why their moving. Now it wont be so scary for my mom to be the only one living in this long Columbia Street. I had so many memories with you. I'll just have to start my future and find a permanent address elsewhere...sigh

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birfday

WELL, January is all about the birthdays. Yesterday was my brothers, today is my cousin Barrons, the 12th is my dads, the 21st my mothers, my grandfathers is coming up and so is my grandma i think...

so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAM =) love you guys..well most of you..haha
hard work

woowoo =) and ughh UOFM people go back tomorrow..meaning ill miss you Alyssa...:(
and i go back this coming all you state people...see you then :)..

wow already almost a month...crazy how time flies. for sure.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Starting tomorrow, i am going to be motivated to change myself. IN GOOD WAYS. cant wait to just reach my goal point =D
I'm trying to reschedule my classes for this spring semester but its not working out in my favor...sigh ill just have to deal with it...i cant wait until summer though. I'm so excited for all the amazing things that can happen this summer! YAY

hehe cant wait. =)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Anonymous Post

--"Everything that happened should of resulted in hatred and separation. None of the results would make sense to anyone. But they are how they are...because God's plan is perfect."

I have learned that humility and self-sacrifice is one of the beginning steps to a greater life. Thank you Lord for giving me wings, to take flight and to take a glimpse of my past as a reminder of greater days to come...
Tonight was the Christmas party/newyears/back to school party for the kids in my youth group! it was a lot of fun and i love helping out =D

yeah they called us the "Jane and her boyfriends"
"You were only given this life
because you are strong enough to live it."--God knows just how much you can handle


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years 09

Wow. My first post for the year of 2009. This year will be amazing! I can feel it..=D
...I saw Wicked today..and let me tell you...i LOVED IT. it was the BEST christmas gift i have ever received by far!
I'm just so happy right now. I feel as though God just decided to fill my head with so many blessings. I had a lot of time to think to myself today and reflect on my life. The negatives and positives, but truthfully in all my negatives i could only see the good it brought me. I'm just thinking about all my resolutions and all the goals i had set for myself in the previous years. They were all so shallow, materialistic, and very selfish. I wanted things to happen in my life so they would benefit me. This year, i have new goals, new resolutions and new things that i want to work out with God. No compromises, conditions, or degrees as to how far ill go in order to receive Gods good grace. This year, i am going to follow my heart. Listen to my convictions, not ignore what i KNOW is right and do things the way that God would want me to do it. I sound like a Jesus freak, but i dont care. I thought all my negativity would get me nowhere. It was only until i had my encounter with God, that i truly saw life for what it worth and not a trap out to get me.
I'm so sorry to the people i use to call my enemies. I'm so sorry to my family, i know better than to bash on my life and to see that only tragedies happen to me. I am so in love. I have found my love and he was there right in front of me. He is never going to leave me, no matter how far i push him. Yeah, you guessed it. He, that person whom i love and will die God. I will die. EVERYDAY. more of myself will be given unto him so that i can be weak. The strong are only strong because they were once weak and the weak have no where to go but rock bottom. What is there left to lose, you can only go up. I know this is something that i have always known, and yes i have rain upon me everyday, but eventually the sun will come out. All that pain, bitterness, the deep feelings of losing control, they will fade and i will see a new revelation. So i am thankful. For everyone in my life. The ones that encourage me to keep going, the ones that tear me down, because lets face it...those people are the ones who pushed me to God. No matter who is in my life. Thank you. For your love and hate. Thank you.

and stephen, thank you...just because...
So come on guys...whos ready to get owned this year?....
i know i am. WOOWOO!! =)