Thursday, July 31, 2008

wow...first V-log?!?!??!

I know i just updated at like 3 something am this morning...but i really wanted to post this for all you dedicated readers..haha which is like..none but i was bored and i had to kill some time! bahaha



Everything-Michael Buble
WOOOOOOWWWWW okay i really didnt want to update this thing right...
but due to a request from a friend i decided i might as well update
So a lot has happened since my last WOAH
first things first.
Def good times there. Made a lot of memories...i wouldn't say the best or worst ones..but something that i will carry on for further insight in to my future decisions..(school and such)
Okay this in itself will probably take the whole blogging space up. This trip has really opened my eyes to so many incredible things. All missions trip generally do. But here i felt the most blessings and the most healing that i could have ever gained in my life. Ill update my Testimony and Post-missions testimony up in a separate blog later on..but just take my word for it. IT WAS DEFINITELY WORTH GOING. My heart has truly changed. My perspective about the world has turned a 180. I know in all my other posts i must have sound so bitter towards love. But i have changed that too. Here is my tid bit on what i think about love now. Love makes the world go cheesy as that's so true. i love, love. haha...I like giving and receiving it. I realized that i cant stay bitter towards the past forever, because then i'm robbing myself of what could be in the future. My view on dating was so ignorant also. Its a privilege to meet people, learn about for them. I want to date with the intentions of marriage. Intense i know, but i think that way..ill be saving myself from giving pieces of my heart away to just anybody. I mean...if you keep dating people just to're chipping off a piece of yourself to all those people..and when you do actually find the right'll have nothing to give them. I've been reading the bible a lot more and praying a lot more. I learned to trust and truly have unconditional faith. Even though i had this epiphany, and it did require me to get out of the country to do it...i'm still going to guard my heart from all evil :)...I vowed to myself to always do everything with the sight of god in my pathway. I am so happy...very...I made so many tight friendships with the missions members in Panama. Now i am anticipating Mexico missions which is in about a week!..EEEEP!!!!!!!!!! :) very excited...I know im being pretty vague about my amazing summer thus far..but i promise it will all unravel in due course...
LIT stands for "Leadership in Training" Its a program set up for youth kids that range from 6th grade to 9th grade. After Panama a lot of doors opened for me, and this being one of them. The day i arrived back in Michigan after my trip my pastor called me and asked me to work as counselor at church (i got paid)...and i of course too the opportunity..because i wanted to quit my job but was worried about what to replace it with. Praise God for that. It was the best 3 weeks of my summer here in Michigan. I did so much with the kids, and it really prepared me to take on more responsibility. The staff was beyond was a really good balance of different personalities. :)
Right now im just kicking it with my girls and chilling out for the week. Not to mention i have to move out by the beg of next week because the lease is up at the end of August and im leaving for Mexico on the 5th. Come back to Michigan on the 14th..then off to orientation for Michigan State University on the 18th..move in on the 20th..and then thats where my next stop on my journey will start. So weird how things worked out with school. i am no longer going to be a music major for the semester...i decided that God wanted me to stretch my legs..and try different things..esp because music is all ive known my whole life. I'm going to try it out..if i end up hating it..then Off i go to another school in this point its up in the air. But wow this post was goodness...until next time!
adieu :)