Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Summer fever

I am anxiously waiting for summer. I love summer. I use to hate it, but now im learning to appreciate breaks. They're amazing. I have been such a slacker in school this whole year. I think i needed to get slapped in the face to finally wake up to reality...but school is over in one month. I am so excited. I cant wait to travel this summer, figure out what im doing for next fall, hang out with family and friends! See my youth group and eat lots of food, PLUS the weather should be pretty bright by then...idk why it snowed this past week but it really made me sad...I cant wait until next just craving the week to be over...technically it is. I only have one more exam to take tomorrow then im headed off to troy for Easter weekend. then back to school the following monday..but hey...being home is good. FOR A SHORT TIME. i dont think i could last longer than a weekend at home. its crowded...i like my space...haha and when im home...i dont really get much of it...Anyways, im off to do some things...=)

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